Who is Natalie Grace? What would you do if your own child was like this?  We warned the NTSB About These Types Of Accidents!
We know how to prevent further accidents!  Who Is Going to Help Natalie recover?  Why Is MY own government preventing us from saving lives?  Why? ALL OF THIS PAIN AND SUFFERING WAS TOTALLY PREVENTABLE!  North Carolina Political Leaders Has a warning from us....they ignored.  Even A SCHOOL TEACHER WAS DESTROYED AND THEY STILL DID NOTHING.
Her Name Is LISA....//www.youtube.com/watch?v=V70aYNN_vlA
What do you expect us to do when we have a mission to save lives and Washington D.C. does not care...even 14 cops have been killed one a few years ago....//www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV6SqNwUc6I
Other Families DESTROYED....The Colburn Family...http://www.dangeroustrailers.org/The_Coburn_Family.html
And Ray LaHood of NHTSA, Donald Karol of NTSB, My Local Media and Even my own Political Leaders simply do not address.

Who is Natalie Grace?  And Why You Should Care? 
Because The Virginia State Police, Henrico Police, The Virginia General Assembly, Marth Meede From AAA cares more about you texting and smoking in your own car in front of your own children than when you TOW A Utility Trailer that harms YOU!!! 

North Carolinia Had a warning....see this...video...and this happened a year before what happened to NATALIE GRACE...
  • Homemade Trailer That is never inspected
  • Homemade Hitches
  • Defective Hitches
  • Missing Safety Chains
  • Expired Inspection on Trailers over 3,000 GVWR
  • Missing Inspections Stickers
  • Missing Battery Backup
  • Missing Breakaway Cable
  • Bald Tires
  • Broken Lights
  • Non Working Lights
  • Missing bolts on Wheels
So we point out this fact published by VCU back in 2006!!!

The issue does not get more CLEAR: In summary, this crash was caused when a homemade trailer detached from the pick up that towed it. It struck a Cadillac traveling in the opposing lanes of traffic, fatally injuring the driver. Trailers are a special class of vehicle and all are subject to some requirements regarding lights and chains. While the Code exempts some smaller trailers, those designed to carry over 3000 pounds are required to have brakes and to be inspected beyond the initial visual confirmation of a VIN plate. However, Virginia State Code is silent as to any design or construction specifications for these vehicles or for towing chains and hitches. The purpose of this technical alert is to draw attention to the potential dangers of unsafe trailers on roadways in the Commonwealth. In many cases, towed trailers may be in obvious violation of safety codes that relate to lighting, braking and inspection requirements. Wherever possible, law enforcement officers should be trained in ways to quickly and easily identify such vehicles. In other cases, a trailer may meet all legal requirements but still be hazardous when used in transportation. The Team recommends that the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of State Police and/or members of the Virginia General Assembly review the current administrative Code and consider ways to improve safety with regard to trailers operated on Virginia roads.

The OUR CANDIAN PARTNERS WROTE THIS....AND IT IS UNDER REVIEW BY CANADA...If saving lives in Canada is important to them...then why not the United States?

July teleconference, horse trailer standards
Standards Association. The CSA is interested in the possibility of
establishing standards for horse trailers.

As noted at the Animal Transportation Association Vancouver 2012
international conference on horse transport, the lack of standards in
the manufacture of non-commercial horse trailers contributes to injury
and death of horses and humans. Your USRider on-going study of over 800
known trailer incidents reveals poor quality materials including tires,
wiring, braking performance, instability at highway speeds, poor welds,
trailer skin so thin it can be punched through with a fist, shifting
loads, mismatch between trailer and tow vehicle, tow vehicle and trailer
separation, overloading, no mandatory recall on defective parts, and
horses thrown or falling from the trailer and posing an additional road

As well, few trailers meet the Five Freedoms endorsed by animal welfare
interests: providing an environment conducive to normal behavior, rest,
drinking and eating, and which minimizes the risk of injury, mental or
physical distress, or disease.

Currently, there are no standards in North America for manufacturing
horse trailers. To the best of my knowledge, standards are also
non-existent in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

We are ready to help if only my own POLITICAL SAFETY OFFICIALS, Ray LaHood of NHTSA, Don Karol of NTSB, Virginia State Police, Henrico Police and my onw Delegates and State Senators stop trying to stop our LIFE SAVING EFFORTS.  We pray for them.


Ron J. Melancon

Accident Critically Injures 6 Year Old Canton Girl

Pontoon Boat Causes Crash, Sends 7 To Hospital

Well....it can happen to my family! It can happen to your family that is why!!!!! Last year over 342 lives gone...over 12,000 injured including Natalie Grace and our own Government has tried to stop us from saving lives!!!  To Natalie...I will run Richmond's 10K in honor of you and your family.  You are amazing and what is sad is that for some reason my own NBC Station and Local Media does not want to expose the truth!  We will never give up!
What is wrong with our Public Safety Officials...that care more about you smoking in your own car in front of your children than what you are towing?

Accident Critically Injures 6 Year Old Canton Girl

What began as a Spring Break trip for members of a Canton family has ended in tragedy in North Carolina in a three vehicle accident.

It happened Monday in Atlantic Beach.

Police said six year old Natalie Teriele remained in critical condition in the trauma unit at Vident Medical Center in Greenville, North Carolina, Wednesday.

The child was one of seven family members in a van being operated by her mother, Kimberly Ann Teriele, when it was struck by a unsecured boat and trailer on Monday.

Atlantic Beach Police Major Jeff Harvey told 7 News the trailer was being towed by Timothy Steven Smith of Kingston, North Carolina, when it broke free.

The trailer traveled into the oncoming lane striking Teriele's 2011 Chrysler van before continuing on and striking a second van.

Harvey said the accident remains under investigation and charges are pending because the boat trailer "may have been improperly secured to the towing vehicle."

Eight other people injured in the crash were treated and released.

UPDATE: Police: Improperly secured trailer caused wreck

Updated at 1:18 p.m.

A boat trailer improperly secured to the towing vehicle has been ruled the apparent cause of a Monday afternoon collision in Atlantic Beach that injured nine people.

The collision remained under investigation Tuesday and charges for the driver of the towing vehicle are pending further investigation, according to a news release from the Atlantic Beach Police Department.

According to the release, Timothy Steven Smith of Kinston was driving his 2005 Ford pick-up truck east on East Fort Macon Road when the boat trailer he was towing became disconnected from the vehicle. The trailer and boat it was carrying traveled across the turn lane and into oncoming westbound traffic.

The trailer and boat collided with a 2011 Chrysler van driven by Kimberly Ann Teriele of Canton, NY. Seven family members were in the van, the release said.

After colliding with the Chrysler van, the trailer and boat continued east in the westbound lane and collided with a second vehicle, a 2012 Toyota van driven by Paul M. Holstein of Delmar, NY. The vehicle was occupied by six other passengers and family members, police said.

Seven people were transported to Carteret General Hospital by emergency medical personnel and two others were transported by private vehicle for treatment of injuries as a result of the collision.

Of those injured, a 6-year-old female passenger in the 2011 Chrysler van was airlifted from Carteret General Hospital to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, the release said.

The police department was dispatched to the scene of the collision at 2:49 p.m. Monday. It occurred on East Fort Macon Road near the intersection with Henderson Boulevard.

A late afternoon wreck Monday in Atlantic Beach sent multiple people to two area hospitals for treatment of injuries.

Atlantic Beach Police Chief Allen Smith said the wreck occurred at about 2:50 p.m. on East Fort Macon Road near Henderson Boulevard and involved three vehicles.

Two of the vehicles were traveling west and a third vehicle towing a boat was traveling east.

The trailer came loose and the boat came off the trailer and crossed the center line and into the path of the two vehicles traveling west.

Smith said there were multiple people from both vehicles transported to Carteret General Hospital and one person was taken to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.

Atlantic Beach Police Department is continuing to investigate. Further details were not immediately available.


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