Virginia State Police has a failure rate of 50% or more to even enforce the yearly Inspections of all trailers over 3,000 GVWR!
We State! No National Testing for any trailer hitch or trailer ball...anything goes.  In Virginia they do not inspect the trailer hitch for worn parts or the assembly of the hitch on the vehicle.

All trailers under 3,000 GVWR never get inspected unless they have breaks...but guess what nobody cares.

Expired Inspection Sticker....Wrong Locking Device Pin and Cable fraying.

A Closer View of the Expired Inspection Sticker.

GUESS WHAT?  It belongs to the City Of Richmond!

I asked Mayor Dwight Jones To call...he never did.

Another Trailer From The City Of Richmond...Tire Issues


Another Recently Passed Inspection and NO WOUNDER THE LIGHTS DO NOT WORK.

Yet Another Expired Inspection Sticker.

Tire is Done For....

Yet Another Expired Inspection Sticker

Holy Cow....Another Richmond City Trailer Expired 5/09!!

A Better View of a Dangerous Trailer..Expired Inspection Sticker..

Yet Another City of Richmond Tailer...with a bent hitch...and Dog Chain being used as a Safety Chain?

Wow..It also has an expired Inspection Sticker...

A Just Passed Inspection...look at the breakaway cable do you see a loop?

A Complete Mess...The Battery Back up is not even connected!

Wow...Yet another Expired Inspection Sticker....

Yet even another expired inspection sticker...

What a responsible Company....

This Company is working for Verizon in Henrico County and Look only one Safety Chain...

The Breakaway cable is broken and LOOK AT THE INSPECTION STICKER!! Also take note that the loop where the chain should be is broken and not even on the trailer anymore.

A Better the way the company is Utilipath!!!

Yet This Homemade trailer never gets inspected!!  poorly designed and built.

This will never get inspected and this hitch is doomed to fail and yet this is NOT PART OF THE INSPECTION ON A VEHICLE.

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