U Haul Death Again!!! Ask Questions.....
It happened again...yet another U Haul accident:

Why is our Local News Stations, Governor Bob McDonnell, The Chesterfield DA and even the Richmond Times Dispatch going to cover up the death of a dad in front of his children....see this.....GOVERNOR BOB MCDONNELL raised the speed limit to 70!!!! but did not lower it for people who tow?


  • Was the U haul Van Rated To tow that vehicle and tow?
  • What training did the driver get?
  • How fast was the driver going?
  • When was the Van Last Inspected?
  • Was the Tow Dolly an Approved U Haul Dolly?
  • Was the Towing System ever tested to a unfied standard?  NO!!!
Once Again it is the U Haul Company that has put profit over safety.

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