Trailer On The Side

No annual inspections, no inspection to determine quality of construction, non working right tail light, snapped cross member from weld, ST rated tires not used, questionable safety chains, questionable wiring, metal fatigue of the hitch arm in all NOT FIT FOR THE ROAD.  

Total failure of enforcement at any level


Broken Right Tail Light

Missing Virginia Tag

Broken Weld Of Cross Member

Questionable Trailer Hitch, Totally Nonfunctional Wires

Bent Hitch Arm and View Of Broken Cross Member

Better View Of Broken Cross Member (WELD) Missing Vin number
As you look at these pictures ask yourself this

Here's a little project for you. The next time you're out and about take notice of the countless numbers of trailers being hauled daily on our roadways. Look closely and you'll see that many are improperly attached to the tow vehicle, don't have working lights, safety chains and are unacceptably maintained. Then ask yourself, why am I riding behind or next to this person trying to kill or injury me or my family? W.G.

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