Here Is The Truth! The Inspection Book Presented To The NTSB With The Only Company That Has The Data! 
We met with Donald Karol of the NTSB about all the defective Utility Trailers on the Road!

The Only State that has the best inspection program is Compuspections of PA!

Here presented to you is the book presented in 6 segments....
Segment 3 is STARTLING.

Good morning Mr. Melancon,


      I am writing to confirm our meeting for Tuesday, August 23rd at 1:00 p.m.   As the newly assigned Director, Office of Highway Safety, for the NTSB, I am interested in hearing your concerns and discussing the issues related to dangerous trailers and hearing your recommendations on how to improve highway safety.   Since all issues related to Highway Safety fall under my purview, it is requested that you send all e-mail correspondence directly to me at    


      I know that Barbara Zimmerman has received a large number of e-mails over the past few days and I request all messages be sent to me in the future and Ms. Zimmerman be removed from your e-mail alerts since she is not assigned to the Office of Highway Safety.    I have visited your website and I appreciate your passion for this important safety issue. 


   Again, I look forward to our meeting on the 23rd, please don’t hesitate to contact me in advance of the meeting if you have any questions or concerns.






Donald F. Karol

Director, Office of Highway Safety

National Transportation Safety Board

490 L'Enfant Plaza East, S.W.

Washington, D.C. 20594

(W) 202-314-6419

Now if the police in Louisville pulled over

Last year, the LMPD inspected 827 trucks in the 10,001- to 26,000-pound weight class and found 1,173 violations significant enough to put 353 vehicles out of service. The problems ranged from a lack of taillights to failure to have automatic brakes that would stop a runaway trailer. Some drivers didn’t have commercial driver’s licenses.


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