The Back Over Camera Issue And We Ask....If These Lives Are Important Then Why Not LIVES LOST BY LOOSE RUNAWAY TRAILERS THAT DESTROY INNOCENT PEOPLE?
See this report and we simply ask...if this is important than why has NHTSA never done an intesive study on LOOSE UTILITY TRAILERS?  Click Here To See Report!

Donald Karol of the NTSB...Ray LaHood of NHTSA have completely disregarded letters like these!!!

* 83 people were killed in Alabama in accidents involving vehicles hauling a utility trailer from 2005-09.

Source: National Highway Safety Office
First Name : Greg
Last Name : McFall
Address Street 1 : redacted
Address Street 2 : 
City : Florence
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State : redacted
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Email :redacted...
Comments : Thank you for everything you guys do!

Runaway trailer kills boy waiting for bus
Author: An Associated Press Report

One boy was killed and two others badly injured Friday when a trailer broke loose from a pickup truck and slammed into a group of youngsters waiting for a school bus, police said.

The trailer broke from the truck, crashed into a brick wall at Hills of Lake Mary subdivision then into a group of about 12 middle school children, witnesses said.

""I was coming down the road and I hit a bump, and the trailer started fishtailing, so I started trying to stop the truck, and I did,'' said driver James Garner.

""The trailer snapped off and just shot off like a rocket through the grass and up into the wall,'' he said. Garner said he had a safety chain on the trailer, and had never had trouble with it before.

First Name : angel
Last Name : Redacted
Address Street 1 : Redacted
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City : ventura
Zip Code :
State : CA
Daytime Phone : Redacted
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Email : REdacted....
Comments : my niece just recently passed away because of trailer hitting 
the car my sister was driving , she was only 6 , our lives have been 
devasted over our loss , iam so angry at the man who caused this 
accident , i want to know how i can help so this dosent happen again , i 
also want to know how to make new laws for this, i want a law called 
eminas law , how can i do this for our family and so this tragedy dosent 
happen to anyone else loved ones , i want to be very educated on this , 
i want new laws passed and i also again i state i want a law called 
eminas law, i want this not to happen to anyone else , i hope this makes 
since , thank you for your time , and being with us through all of this 
, thank you for your support

First Name : Connie
Last Name : Brown
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Email : redacted...
Comments : My name is Mrs. Connie Brown.  My husband was trajically killed on August 17th , 2011 when a trailer came a part and hydroplaned on top of his car.  I would love to be involved in stopping and or preventing these kind of accidents in Mississippi and around the world. 

First Name : Darin
Last Name : Saylor
Address Street 1 : redacted
Address Street 2 : 
City : redacted
Zip Code :redacted
State : MO
Daytime Phone : 4redacted
Evening Phone : same as above
Email : redacted
Comments : My mother and father-in-law, David and Nancy Littrell, were involved in a crash Aug. 20,2011 in Ozark County, Missouri, near Gainesville.  My father-in-law, David, was killed.  Nancy has had a long road to recovery, therapy and it may be another year before making a full recovery.  It has been a life-changing event in more ways than one.  My wife, and her sister, has had to share responsibility in the legal affairs of their parents, the vending business, owned by their father, and just every day life.  

After leaving the scene that day, and a few days of hiding, Jeff G. Lundry, turned himself in, and has been charged.  I have been in contact with the county prosecutor, who informs me that Mr. Lundry will only be charged with a Class D felony of leaving the scene of an accident, along with 3 misdemeanor charges. It is my understanding, in Missouri, a Class D felony carries a maximum of a 4 year prison term, which ultimately only means maybe 4 months, if that. In essence, he, quite possibly, is not going to be held responsible for his actions.  My wife, Becky Littrell Saylor, and I, are trying to attend the next hearing, Nov. 9th, if nothing else, just to make known that we are watching this play out and supporting her mother.  We are very upset that it seems this man has had numerous run-ins with local authorities over the years, as well as other violations which have led to this tragedy, and even now, will not be held ultimately responsible for killing someone else due to h

is negligence.  

I recently spoke with the prosecutor, over the phone, and he is very frustrated with the laws as well.  We hope to meet with him soon, at least to let him know that we are hoping he will do whatever possible to see this man does not do this again.

We need more attention to be raised to this.  Not only our case, but the others who may suffer the same tragedy due to someone else's blatant disregard for safety.  Any help you can give, or if you would like to talk with any of us, please let me know.  We anxiously await a response. 

    Feds: All Cars Must Have Back-Up Cameras by 2014

    By Julie Ershadi

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has mandated that all vehicles come equipped with a rear-view camera by 2014, The New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek report. The impetus for this mandate came from, "a nonprofit group that pushed the government to begin tracking" backover accidents, which occur when a driver doesn't see a pedestrian in his or her blind spot while backing up.

    According to the Fact Sheet for Backovers on, 70% of backover accidents involving small children occur when a parent or other relative is driving the car.

    Other statistics for backover accidents are much less heartrending, calling into question the need for government intervention. According to The New York Times article:

    [R]egulators say that 95 to 112 deaths and as many as 8,374 injuries could be avoided each year by eliminating the wide blind spot behind a vehicle. Government statistics indicate that 228 people of all ages — 44 percent of whom are under age 5 — die every year in backover accidents involving passenger vehicles. About 17,000 people a year are injured in such accidents.

    With costs for the new regulation estimated at $2.7 billion a year or $200 per vehicle, that's $12 million per life saved if the regulation were 100 percent effective. Bloomberg Businessweek reports a more generous reduction in deaths, by 146 a year. But even then, the cost per life saved is still $18.5 million. That's almost five times the lifetime earnings of someone with a professional degree, nine times the amount someone would earn with a bachelor's degree and fifteen times the amount someone would earn with just a high school diploma, based on data from 1999.

    The financial costs of this regulation would come in addition to the $1,300 per car from the Obama recent changes to the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) law; not to mention every local police department's favorite revenue generators, brake light and seat belt laws.

    Obviously people should be careful while driving, but all of these regulations add to the cost of production and ultimately make American-built cars less competitive. Besides that, Bloomberg reports that "back-up cameras are already a standard feature on 45 percent of 2012 passenger-car models, according to data compiled by, an auto-market research company," showing that voluntary enterprise was moving in this direction prior to the mandate. Furthermore, it's an inefficient solution:

    The length of a rearview blind spot depends on the car’s make and the driver’s height. On coupes and sedans, which sit low to the ground, the blind spot can be as little as four feet. On taller SUVs, it can be 20 feet or more. By requiring cameras on all cars, NHTSA imposed an expensive, “one-size-fits-all solution” to the problem, Bergquist contends.

    This reveals a certain laziness in the decision-making. Legislators put minimum effort into finding the most cost-efficient solution to this problem and failed to consider that car design isn't really their job in the first place. Clearly, when considering the fact that most backover accidents involve the parent or relative of a child, the right course of action would be legislation that prohibits parents and relatives of children from driving in the first place.

    Read about more silly, commerce-killing regulationsthinking of the children, and how to back it up the right way.

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