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     TAMPA A 24-year-old Riverview man was killed Sunday after losing control of a pickup truck hauling a boat and trailer, Florida Highway Patrol investigators said. Ryan F. McLaughlin, 6757 Breezy Palm Drive, was going west on State Road 400 near Orient Road at 6:30 p.m., towing a trailer and boat with a 2005 Nissan Titan when the trailer began to sway, officials said. The truck swerved and the trailer began to roll over. Both overturned, authorities said, and the boat broke loose from the...


Trailer breaks loose, sends machine over rail    
     PORT RICHEY - A trailer carrying a front-end loader broke loose from a pickup truck on U.S. 19 Thursday, went skidding across three lanes and hit a guardrail, a police spokesman said.The impact of the trailer hitting the guardrail knocked the 4,000-pound front-end loader loose from the trailer, and it toppled over the Pithlachascotee bridge railing, down an embankment and through a concrete light post and was finally stopped by a wooden utility pole, Port Richey Detective William Sager...

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