State Senator Webb
Justin Jennings in contact for over 9 months

We even got a letter from his Office in 2009!! Click Here

We have been asking for help and direction to get funding

Get the 2009 NHSTA Reports on "Passenger Car That Tow Trailers"
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We would like to point out some positive news involving Traffic Fatalities NHSTA states:
"Statistics released by the U.S. Department of Transportation Thursday put the highway death toll at 33,808, a drop of nearly 10 percent from 2008. "

However in the "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers" in 2008 394 Fatalities were recorded and in 2009 379 Fatalities were recorded a drop of  nearly 4% which is going in the opposite direction stated above.

Our second observation involving injuries NHSTA reports:

The number of people injured in crashes in 2009 dropped 5.5 percent to 2.2 million from the previous year.

However in the "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers" injuries in  2008  Injuries were 18,634  and
in 2009 20,805 were injured and INCREASE OF  nearly 12% for a swing of almost 17% from the national trend.

As with any safety organization and their efforts have shown marked reductions however with "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers" segment our trends are going the opposite direction.

    The Story:
    Ron J. Melancon President
    8898 Castle Point Drive
    Glen Allen,  VA  23060

    Dear Safety Concerned Advocate:

    As you are well aware our ongoing mission is to bring awareness and effective common sense legislation to reduce the loss of lives and injuries due to "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers".

    I have always been the person who has stepped outside the box and I eagerly and willingly took on this challenge.  You May Read My Bio here Click Here.

    In the beginning I was able to support this cause with excess income but as Hecht's Department Store was sold to Macy's and the the practice of hiring employees under 30 hours a week my job was simply degraded.  I took a position at BJ's wholesale club and currently I am underemployed because as we all know you can get unemployment compensation and be equal to my current pay.  I am better than that and If I can get up in the morning I am going to work.

    To that end it is heart wrenching to know that I simply cannot support this cause by myself anymore as I have exhausted everything from 401K to credit and equity.  I have been made promises by people to help and even had a contract in which was broken. 

    I have not searched for a better paying job due to the fact that I was asked to help pass GROUNDBREAKING legislation in Virginia Senate Bill 646 General Assembly 2010.

    We relied on the promises from a family of a victim and a company that produced a product that we feel is an added safety measure.  The betrayal is evident in-which the INSURANCE company paid more to the family and keep them quiet.  The Company did not like the Language of the New law due to the fact we knew it would never pass and if it did would give them a MONOPOLY.  You see unlike Political Leaders in Washington...I read bills and understand what would happen.

    The following is the evidence to support our claims:

    Please note that this not the first time we have been subjected to betrayal please see House Bill 429 that passed in 2004 that required "Reflector Tape"  Note we have no financial interest in this product it was simply a way to reduce accidents when these trailers don't have working taillights.
    Click Here

    Then in 2005 Carry On trailers along with Delegate Pollard tried to kill the law with the Introduction of House Bill 2690 and please read the bill this would have destroyed any enforcement of House Bill 429 Click Here

    See who Carry On trailers gave money to by Clicking Here

    You see I read the bills and understand that this was an attempt to simply destroy.  Delegate Pollard was able to get 99 Delegates from the Virginia House to vote for this.

    See what Delegate Pollard did....and it was all about the money Click Here

    And See What Happened when we exposed him to the press Click Here

    However during cross over week we were able to regroup and brought our concerns to
    State Senator John Watkins and he understood what was being done and promptly added "Senate Amendments" Click Here

    It passed with the Senate Amendments and by doing so it came out a little weaker because it excludes Box Trailers.  Click Here

    Then in 2006 Mrs. Decker lost her life on Hull Street and see her story by Clicking Here.

    See the Story of Dangerous by Clicking Here.

    Thanks to the launch of Google it made our task much easier to track and monitor accidents by "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers"

    Since 2006 our cause has taken even more importance by addressing all accidents caused by "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers" which resulted in our current desperate situation.

    We took on this challenge never fully understanding the Insurance Companies, Utility Trailer Companies and our Government to fully look the other way in this class of vehicle.  They have simply outspent us and continue to do so in the hopes that we will "GO AWAY"

    We have been searching for someone to partner with and understand our cause will go further when we have the numbers behind us and was pleased to be contacted by this person in 2009.

    This is the first contact from the company that promised support for our cause and he agreed that we would work together

    Click Here to see.

    And Click Here to See even more and what we were trying to do.
    And Click Here To See The Names Of The Organizations We still own the names.

    What happened is that his promise to help failed and the suggestions along with the non-profit failed due to broken promises. 

    Click Here To see.

    So we accepted that this would once again make our task harder so again we decided to GO IT Alone and our State Senator John Watkins could not have said it any better..
    Quote " Ron contacted insurance companies, trailer companies and the
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and received no assistance.
    He decided to "go it alone", distributing fliers, which he printed himself, talking
    to state and federal political representatives, letters to newspapers, researching
    trailer safety and accidents, establishing a web site."

    Then it happened again and in 2009 Caitlyn Johnson Lost her life when a Rental Company called Reliable Rentals let a UN- inspected trailer and with no safety chains off their property and a 20 year old lost her life Click Here.

    Again we sprang into action and Contacted Senator John Watkins which resulted in this..
    Click Here.

    Keep in mind all the while we have never stopped keeping track of accidents from "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers" 

    Then as legislation progressed we received another call from our original supporter and after careful consideration and our desperate situation we agreed to work together along with Beckett Advisers, Inc and this time we had a written agreement.  We thought with a company like Beckett Advisers behind them then we thought it was legit.  Click Here.

    Senator John Watkins introduced Senate Bill 646 Click Here
    Delegate John O'Bannon Introduced House Bill 145 Click Here

    House Bill 145 was an attempt to capture the loop hole created by Delegate Pollard back in 2005 with House Bill 2690.  While this bill was read in Committee and passed...VIRGINIA FARM BUREAU  Insurance and the Motorcycle Club Defeated the Bill

    However with the promise in hand I did not seek better gainful employment because saving lives at this point was more important and with the addition income at least we broke even.

    At this time I contacted Senator Webb's office and asked for help because I knew eventually I would deplete my funds... got a response and Justin Jennings Was Assigned here is his number...
    804-771-8312 and signed papers allowing him to help.

    To help however Mr. Jennings has always been kind in receiving my calls.

    At this time I have been in constant contact with many states trying to duplicate Senate Bill 646 and 4 yes (FOUR) states had legislation for 2010.

    I quickly realized that the laws was hijacked by our benefactor and he even told his investors Including a Southern Baptist Minister that Senate Bill 646 would include a line that was never presented by Senator Watkins.
    Click Here

    You see I know how to read a bill and the line "Be provided with an additional safety device that prevents accidental separation of the towed and towing vehicles" 
    Would have created a "Monopoly"  and sure our family would have been made whole...but I decided not to present Senator Watkins with this additional language because It simply was not right.....How many political leaders would have the courage to say no!!  I did and I am do not hold an office.  Imagine how much better our country would be today if we simply did the right thing?

    True to my warnings...the other 4 states failed due to the attempt to create a monopoly and once again another year goes by because of money.

    In the end only Virginia has a law that is a great first step and Senate Bill 646 was passed and signed into law UNCONTESTED!!

    Once again our Benefactor broke his promise and once again he left us hanging See this heart less e mail Click Here

    We still hold out hope that someone will help us Click Here...

    However our situation is dire and now our end is near and simply don't know what to do.

    My family is almost destroyed, my faith in people is questionable... and yes I ask myself why?

    Then I see these 2009 379 lives lost, 20,810 injured....

    Since 1975 over 15,500 lives lost... Since 1988 over 480,000 injured (Note: a life must be lost in 30 days from the accident) otherwise you are not counted.

    Then on Saturday September 18, 2010 two parents lost their lives and now  3 year old and a 6 year old have no parents.

    Our cause should not end due to lack of funds it should only end if our concerns are not worthy.

    My pride is shaken and now I have been beaten up so much I am now asking for HELP!

    I have nowhere else to go except to believe.


    Ron J. Melancon

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