Schedule (Calendar)
Started the necessary
paperwork to incorporate

We will then continue the course to file as a 501 c

Filed my Articles Of Incorporation on January 26, 2008

I have met with my attorney who is willing to do the neccessary paperwork on a pro-bono case.

I will post his name when he allows me to.

The first step will be completed by the end of January.

We need funding as I simply cannot continue this effort.

Just imagine if the government was as careful with the spending they do.  I have accomplished all of this effort using my own funds.  

Received My Articles Of Incorporation

Incorporation February 22,  2008

Applied For My Federal Tax EIN Number 3/3/08
Received and Approved.

Downloaded Publication 557 From The Irs.....
And Will Complete Application for 501 3C
Started Paperwork 6/05/09

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