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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration spokesman Ian Grossman said no federal regulations or laws pertain to safety chains on utility trailers.

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When Will Somebody Help US?  How many more need to be lost?

Look At The Violations The R.V. owner had
He was issued traffic tickets for driving a vehicle in the third lane of the interstate while towing a trailer in violation of postings, driving a vehicle-trailer combination in violation of maximum length, and speeding when required to reduce speed. He was also issued a written warning for an expired trailer registration plate.


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We  have a serious issue with unsafe trailers on our roadways.
In most states, the state code is silent for all trailers that weigh under 3,000 lbs.  In many cases, towed trailers may be in obvious violations of safety codes that relate to lighting, brakes and inspection requirements.
What makes matter's worse is average people are allowed to build them with NO UNIFORM STANDARDS.
Law enforcement officers should be trained to quickly and easily identify such vehicles.  Many lives have been lost to random acts of negligence.
This is what our mission is!

Our mission is clear as our objective is to find a solution to this problem.

To better inform the public that this is not just a problem in the United States in fact this problem is happening worldwide.

By teaming up with our partner in the United Kingdom we have decided the best course is to publicly state our case as both our governments have failed to address this serious issue.  With that we will state what our goal is. 

Our mutual goal is to:
To petition the United States and the United Kingdom's government  to introduce an annual compulsory test of road worthiness for all trailers pulled by road vehicles: i.e. horse trailers, caravans, car trailers, utility trailers etc. Also for all such vehicles to have a compulsory brake system with a BREAKAWAY cable to activate the brakes if the trailer breaks free from the vehicle which is pulling it.

In Addition a Towing Endorsement Should be required on your license before you can tow.

Again we thank you for taking the time to research our data. 

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