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NOTE:  No Federal Standards are in place for these trailers.  Anybody can build one...and sell it and it does not even have to be tested.

Please note that this industry has continued to fight the "Reflector Tape Law" In Virgina.  It is companies like Carry On trailers that has chosen to spend money to lobby Delegate Pollard In Virginia to diminish this law.

This industry is operating on "Voluntary Standards"  We all know how "Voluntary Standards" work..just ask the financial markets.

Since 1975 over 15,211 lives have been lost.... Since 1988 over
461,726 persons injured and Since 1988 over 814,165 things damaged and destroyed just like this trailer if the Owner Chosen to Drive it in this condition.

In Idaho....you have no safety chains law...also...Since 1975 193 lives lost by "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers" Since 1988 in Idaho 5,864 people injured and Since 1988 10,340 cars, trucks, trailers and other items destroyed. 

Your State does nothing to address and what is worse this company does not want to fix a dangerous trailer.

When good warranties go bad

By Adam Rodriguez

WEISER - People are trying to get more bang for their buck in this tough economy, but some are finding that good warranties can go bad.

That was the case with Sue Love, a Weiser woman that recently discovered her $40,000 horse trailer was falling apart.

“It actually would make a noise like something was breaking, and I felt it,” Love said. “It was really rough riding.”

When Love had a chance to look at her trailer, she saw the gooseneck was breaking apart: a broken bar, peeling along the seams, and cracks in the welding. But when she called the dealer that sold her the trailer, Quality Trailer Sales in Caldwell, a salesman told Love the 10-year warranty was only good with the manufacturer- but Classic Trailer in Wilder went out of business about a year ago.

“The man I talked to, the salesman I bought it from, said no, there was no recourse,” Love said. “There was nothing to do except pay a pretty big price to have it fixed.”

Love says Quality Trailer's response left her surprised, “...and disappointed. This is a very expensive trailer. It hasn't been used hard,” Love said. “It's been well-maintained. It hasn't had anything done with it that shouldn't be done with it. And it's falling apart, and it isn't safe.”

“I didn't know where to go. I didn't know what to do.”

Dale Dixon, president of the Better Businesss Bureau of Idaho, says unless there is not a lot of recourse for customers that buy products for a company that has gone out of business. Dixon says there's a chance if the company is still in the bankruptcy process, but once the doors are shut the dealer has no obligation to honor a warranty.

The state Attorney General's Office says about the same thing. The office will attempt to contact a business on the consumer's behalf, but if it's closed then so is the case.

But what about the business that sells the product? 2News contacted six trailer and RV dealers to ask about Love's case. They all say they have had manufacturers go out of business, but they try to help their customers with warranty issues.

Riverside Boot and Saddle in Blackfoot, Idaho was a dealer for Classic Trailer. One of the co-owners says they have had a few warranty issues with Classic customers since the company went out of business, but they worked with the person to get their trailer fixed, whether it was absorbing the cost of the repair, or splitting the bill.

Love says that's the kind of response she would like to see from Quality Trailer.

“I want them to make it right with me,” Love said.

When 2News contacted Quality Trailer about Love's concern, a manager said it was an issue that would have to be addressed by the general manager, who was out of town.
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