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Dangerous is a organization formed by Ron Melancon that addresses accidents from "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers" releases 2008 satistics.

"While our organization has seen a decline in the number of deaths from these types of accidents, we are alarmed at the increase of property damage by 21% over last year in fact this is the only segment to show an increase" he said.

Last year saw a decline of deaths, injuries and property in all auto accidents from the prior year in fact it has reached a record low since 1961.  However, in the segment of "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers"  property damage went from 40,320 in 2007 to a staggering figure in 2008 to 49,107 an increase of 21%.

During our research, we have discovered that many of these types of accidents are not reported properly during the accident reporting process and we feel that the number would be greater if law enforcement agencies properly reported the accidents.

Time and time again, when law enforcement does a specific safety blitz
targeting "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers", the results produced a violation rate in excess of 50%.  Due to the high profile of recent accidents and loss of life, Pittsburgh's law enforcement took action enacting operation S.O.A.R.  The violations range from non-working tail lights,  wrong size hitch balls matched to wrong sized hitches, no safety chains, safety chains not connected, cargo not secured, bald tires, ST rated tires not used, homemade trailers, double axle trailers in violation of inspections and the total lack of a unified standard.

We simply feel that since 1975 that over 15,213 deaths  from "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers" is  totally unacceptable.  In addition, since 1988, 468,462 injuries and over 765,058 vehicles, boats, campers and other items have been destroyed and damaged.  The results for last year alone are 392 deaths, 18,634 injuries and 49,107 vehicles, boats, campers and other items have been destroyed and damaged.

Our organization recently has been contacted by Mr. Karl Pratt of Safety Sentry ( of a breakthrough product that will save lives, help prevent injuries and reduce property damage.  This groundbreaking working relationship will create American jobs and address one of our primary concerns such as saving lives and reducing injuries.

About Ron J. Melancon

Dangerous ( is an organization in its final stage of  completing it's non profit status.  It is an organization dedicated to documenting, recording and gathering evidence to provide unquestionable proof that this is an ongoing concern.  The ultimate goal of Dangerous is to develop an industry leading organization to provide support materials and solutions to reduce the frequency of these types of accidents.

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Source of accidents statistics (FARS) (ARF) (GES) NHSTA 07/16/2009

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