Loose U Haul Trailers
 U Haul Trailers That Come Loose Or Involved In An Accident

Note:  U Haul, www.NATM.com, Carry On trailers and the Utility Trailer Industry has paid over $150,000 In lobby money including spending over $10,000 in Virginia to overturn the "Reflector Tape Law"  Please Go Here To View they fought the law because it cost them $8.00 to comply.

This data vastly underestimate the true magnitude of this public safety issue. 
Not all accidents are reported and the Uniform Traffic Accident Report does not have a section for Utility Trailers.

Note:  I have researched and have found over 2,700 accidents involving U Haul Utility Trailers as reported by newspapers.  I will feature 100 as finances allow to purchase the articles and will provide summary's for as many as possible.  Please Keep in mind that many never make it into the newspapers.
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