Letter: Something should be done about crashes

    March 20, 2010

    My brother died Aug. 4, 2005, because a northern Wisconsin motorcycle business didn't properly hook up its enclosed trailer when it was hauling a three-wheeler. Well, it went through his windshield, killing him, leaving behind a wife and two little boys.

    I was shocked to find his picture on a Web site, Dangerous Trailers Virtual Memorial United States -- his name is John T. Lotter. The Web site is run by Ron Melancon; he is trying to get the laws changed for all the people on his site and to save lives.

    Toyota has a recall because at least 40 people died in 10 years, and yet 400 people died in one year the same way my brother did and nobody knows it!

    How many families have to go through the pain that my family is still feeling? Please go to www.dangeroustrailers.org and take a look at all the people who have died. Can't something be done?

    Donna Moser

    Wisconsin Rapids

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