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Lives Lost by loose utility trailers.

We were honored to have a letter of nomination see full letter here:
Quote " Ron contacted insurance companies, trailer companies and the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and received no assistance.
He decided to "go it alone", distributing flyers, which he printed himself, talking to state and federal political representatives, letters to newspapers, researching trailer safety and accidents, establishing a web site."

Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.
If you would prefer to write a check, checks made out to "Dangerous" can be mailed to Dangerous, 8898 Castle Point Drive Suite 1, Glen Allen,  VA  23060

We have Incorporated In Virginia and we have finished our paperwork and have elected a Board Of Directors now we just need the funds to submit our application to the IRS.

We can change the way things are done and save lives.

But we need your help.

It doesn’t matter if its $10 dollars, $100 dollars, or even $2,400 dollars.

Each and every donation is important to me and our campaign.

I know you work hard for your money and you can trust that your donation today is going to be put towards doing everything we can to help reduce the lives lost, injuries and total destruction of personal property.
Thank You,
    An Open Appeal

    Please See "The Story Of Dangerous Trailers"

    Dangerous Trailers Featured on WGEM

    I never intended to make this cause take this route.  I believed that our Government would be able and willing to address this concern as they would have the resources to address.

    We'll they never addressed and simply dismissed the safety concern.  It was at that time we decided that our organization would need to use every resource available to enact meaningful change.

    We quickly found out that the industry has more influence and money that they have been simply out spending us by influencing our politicians.  It is quite evident from our investigations that this is the case. 

    At the time we decided that we would use our discretionary funds to support the cause.  We didn't eat out as much and cut out our vacations as we felt that this cause is more important.

    As the economy went into a free fall and Hecht's was sold to Macy's they used their cost cutting to find ways to reduce staff and payroll.  We simply started using our Equity lines and available credit to support.  AS the economy continued it's slide our income was reduced by 1/2 and when asked for support from our Banks they reduced our lines and increased the interest.

    So now it has come to a situation that we simply are at a crossroads.  Please understand our decision to devote more to this cause was based on people who made promises to help once they developed a product or their legal case was completed.

    Time and Time again we continued to support these people based on promises that did not come to be.  We have also learned that in most settlements the insurance companies included language that the victims families would not disclose or engage in improving this industry.

    We fully understand why most families would consider but the decision to do so causes other families to suffer by Loose Utility Trailers.

    In closing we have started to file for a Non-Profit status and expect our paperwork to be completed in a few months.  Our chosen attorney to complete this vital paperwork is

    You may click the banner to view web site and contact information.  Lawyer is David Stoyanoff.

    In closing knowing how Washington works we wounder if our application will be accepted because we now understand what is at stake.  The insurance companies, Utility Trailers Industry and the Utility Trailer Trade Association simply do not want "Common Sense Regulations".

    It is our hope that you will be supportive of our efforts by making a donation as again we are in desperate need of funding.  Help us prevent and reduce accidents caused by Utility Trailers.

    Thank you George D...

    The lack of funds should not be the end of our mission. 
    We have the Idea.....please help! The life we might be saving is yours.
    "Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle."
    Ken Hakuta


    Ron J. Melancon
    Disclosure Example Of Time Alone to address this critical SAFETY CONCERN.

    7 years countless hours not including copyrights, DVD's, production, meetings with politicians, passing of the reflector tape law in Virginia, Phone, Internet, computers, back up's ect.

    Our Investment in this cause why do you ask...because it could happen to could happen to anybody and it is the right thing to do.

    $93,549.00 by an average of 35 hours a week= 12,250 hours at a rate of $7.63 an hour.  If our efforts save just one (1) life at this cost then this one (1) life is worth the cost.

    I am sorry to get to this point...but we and I simply can't walk away.

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