Home Depot Violations

Picture Of Location

Double Axel Trailer... No Inspection....!!! Clearly in Violation of Federal Law's and State Code Of Virginia.

Clearly.... Again an expired Inspection Sticker

Yet Another one!! No inspection at all... double axel
Note: I have called this company many times and sent letters also.  They have continued to ingnore my repeated attempts to bring attention to this issue.  They have continued to sell trailers in Virginia without the required Reflector Tape and now they put into jeparody the lives of the person renting and the citizens behind the towed trailer.

Just like the President of Peanut Corporation Of America who know he was selling bad peanut butter.  This company is renting trailers with Expired Inspections and yes even renting a double axle trailer with no inspection. 

Federal Law states that trailers over 3,000 pounds needs to have a breakaway cable that would engage the breaks if it should shoot across the highway like a missile.   This company is not in compliance.  My right as a concerned citizen provides the opportunity to "Make A Difference"

Very Clearly.... This trailer's Battery Back Up has not been tested for over a year, tires and lights..have also not been tested by an inspection location.

This picture shows clearly that the GWR is over 3,000 pounds and yes this trailer is in violation of Federal laws and the Virginia State Code.

Yet another trailer without an inspection... Yet again... in total violation of
Federal and State Codes.

Can you guess which one is the correct one?  One is in compliance while the other two are being sold in Violation of Virginia State Code.... Note.. This is not a Home Depot Store but they sell them the same way.. with no tape.

This is how well the Reflector Tape Law in Virginia Works!!  Yet why is the Home Depot still selling trailers without the Reflector Tape?

The Industry has spent over $20,000 trying to stop any more efforts to bring this to a national standard.

Is your life worth more than $15.00 to $20.00?

The Next Two Pictures.. clearly show how well the Reflector Tape works.
Do you see how almost invisible the trailers next to the Reflector Tape one looks.
How about on a Dark Road? When they don't have working lights 85 percent of the time?

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