Hayrides How SAFE?  Every October over 40 lives are lost and over 400 are injured and the numbers keep going up.  We are the experts and ask why has Virginia ignored our groundbreaking information?

NO Inspections on these unsafe hayride trailers.
NO Specific safety training.
The Farmers have lobbied against our safety recommendations.

Would you send your Children onto a School Bus in the condition of these trailers?

The Tractor was overloaded for the weight of the trailer and the people on the trailer.

This Careless Farmer and Owner of this Hayride needs to be shut down and stop their unsafe hayrides.

Tractor accident at Layman Family Farms in Bedford County

Posted: Oct 12, 2013 12:15 AM EST Updated: Oct 12, 2013 12:15 AM EST

Crews were called to Layman Family Farms in Montvale Friday night after the owner, Eric Layman, says a tractor ran into a ditch, sending several people to the hospital.

No word on the number or type of injuries.

Layman briefly spoke with us over the phone while he was following an ambulance to the hospital and said he was just concerned about everyone being okay.

We'll update you as more information comes into our newsroom.

Layman Family Farms reopens Saturday after Accident

Posted: Oct 12, 2013 6:39 PM EST Updated: Oct 12, 2013 6:39 PM EST


Layman Family Farms in Montvale is again open Saturday after a tractor accident sent three people to the hospital last night.

It happened just after ten Friday night.

Owner Eric Layman, says crews were called to the farm after a tractor which was hauling a flat bed ran into a ditch injuring three people who were riding.

No word on the condition of the three people today.

WSLS will continue to keep you updated on the latest.

Layman Family Farms Releases Statement Following Serious Wagon Accident

Posted: Oct 13, 2013 11:36 AM EST

Blue Ridge, VA - The operators of the farm where a tractor hauling a wagon of people overturned Friday night, injuring four, have issued a statement about the accident.

Montvale fire chief Scott Hawkins said that six people were on a flatbed trailer tied to a tractor when it rolled down a hill.

A disk jockey for the popular radio station K-92 FM was one of the three injured, ABC 13 has confirmed.

According to Bedford Dispatch, the call came in around 10:22 p.m. Friday.

Officials report that two people had to be air lifted to the trauma center at a nearby hospital and one person was also transported by ambulance.

According to Hawkins, two people fell out of the trailer and were trapped underneath in the water before being removed. He says three people were taken to Roanoke Memorial Hospital with injuries that weren't life threatening.

ABC 13 has confirmed a fourth person was also injured in the accident.

The rides were part of the farm's fall festivities that included pumpkin picking and a corn maze. The farm was closed after the accident, but re-opened Saturday.

The statement from Layman Family Farms Reads:

"Eric and I wish to express how grateful we are for the support and love we have received from our family, friends, customers and our community. May your support & prayers also be extended to everyone involved and we wish them a speedy recovery. Special prayers go out to Carli and Megan.

Thanks to Montvale, Moneta and Bedford County Emergency Medical teams and Lifeguard 10 for your unbelievable quick response and extraordinary dedication.

We love our community and thank you for your support.

Much Love~
Sharon & Eric Layman"


The FACTS:  We have been commended years ago....why do they continue to ignore us?

Tragic Hay Ride Amusement Death Spotlights Minimal Laws and Regulations Concerning Safety and Regard For Life

As an experienced hay ride accident and amusement accident lawyer who regularly investigates and prosecutes hay ride accident cases, I salute the efforts of government officials in Kentucky to investigate safety laws on hay rides after the death of a 44-year-old woman. The victim, Terry Hurley, was killed after a tractor and hay ride wagon carrying 30 people on a farm jackknifed on a hill and began to slide down the hill. Investigators indicated that the tractor began to slide coming down a hill and the trailer then jackknifed at which point the victim was thrown off and struck by a wagon wheel. She was pronounced dead of head and chest injuries at the hospital. Five other people sustained injuries as well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victims.

As an attorney who has investigated and prosecuted hay ride cases, I am surprised that there are no stringent regulations concerning who can operate farm vehicles. In this case, Dale Dobson, head of the Farm Safety Program for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture stated that Kentucky has no regulations concerning who can operate farm vehicles. “There are no laws and we don’t need any laws,” he stated.

Ron Melancon, a former medical emergency technician from Richmond, Virginia, has been a stalwart consumer advocate promoting stringent safety regulations to prevent injuries and deaths resulting from defective trailers. Ron regularly collects information regarding deaths and accidents involving trailers and farm vehicles and knows that people operating hay rides or trailers often don’t even know how to work the lights or connect the trailer properly. Ron states, “a lot of trailers out there are just in bad condition.” For more information go to Ron’s website at www.dangeroustrailers.org or visit our website www.reiffandbily.com and click on our dedicated subsections devoted to defective trailers and hay ride accidents.

Many trailers are homemade and do not require licenses to operate. Nobody is there to verify that it is safe. Unfortunately, many of the laws being used in 2010 are from the 1920's and 30's. Not so surprisingly, in excess of 400,000 people a year are injured in trailer accidents in the United States and many of these unfortunately involve children and unsuspecting patrons at Halloween hay rides. We recently concluded a case where a young man and his mother were run over by the wheels of a Halloween hay ride amusement ride.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a hay ride, amusement, or defective trailer accident, please contact one of our attorneys for a free no obligation consultation at 1-800-421-9595 or online at www.reiffandbily.com.

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