Driver charged in fatal Hanover horse trailer crash has prior history of animal cruelty!

We Are Working With Sgt. Tilly To Get The Information And Pictures Of The Trailer So We Can Use This Critical Information To Save Lives And Horses.
We Ask....Why The Reistance To Release This Critical Info?  Do They Keep Airline Crashes Investigations Secret And Not Publish Or Do They Release And Try And Fix The Issue So Others Don't Die The Same Way?

Why Does Rebecca Below Never Release Her Findings?

Posted: Nov 03, 2014 4:26 PM EDT Updated: Nov 03, 2014 10:24 PM EDT

Two horses die when trailer detaches from pickup on Rt. 1 in Hanover

WHY DID THE TRAILER DETACH?  We deserve an answer.......If we can find out why a Plane Goes Down....we should be able to get this info.


The driver of a pickup truck pulling a horse trailer that ran off the road Sunday in Hanover may face charges as two horses being transported in the trailer died as a result of the crash on Route 1 North.

Authorities said the accident happened at 1:30 p.m. Sunday on Route 1 close to the Caroline County line. The horse trailer's hitch became unattached from the 1994 Chevrolet pickup that was pulling it, causing the trailer to roll off the road and into some trees. According to authorities, one of the horses in the trailer died immediately, but authorities had to euthanize the second horse at the scene. Only one vehicle was involved in the crash, and no other injuries were reported.

The accident is still under investigation, and there was no word from authorities if the driver would face additional charges.


Driver charged in fatal Hanover horse trailer crash has prior history of animal cruelty

Driver charged in fatal Hanover horse trailer crash has prior history of animal cruelty

The driver of a pickup truck towing a horse trailer that broke off its hitch and crashed into trees along Route 1 in Hanover Sunday has a prior history of animal cruelty, NBC12 has confirmed.

Michael Anthony Wilkerson Sr. was convicted in 2010 of seven counts of animal cruelty, after prosecutors said he starved nine horses. Wilkerson also was found guilty of animal cruelty in 1996 in relation to his treatment of horses.

Hanover authorities on Monday charged Wilkerson with driving on a suspended license in relation to the crash along Route 1 Sunday. Two horses in the trailer died as a result of the crash, authorities said. One horse died instantly, and the other horse was euthanized at the scene. Hanover deputies said they may file additional charges against Wilkerson as they continue their investigation.

We are tied of the "Talk"  We are tired of people like Rebecca who all they do is talk a good game....but never get
anything done. 
We Will Call Out Each and Every Political Leader and Even People like Rebecca for never releasing her info.

See The Total Garbage Horse Trailer That Was Being Used.....NO NATIONAL SAFETY STANDARD FOR THESE HORSE TRAILERS.

Horse injured in crash on 60 Freeway in Pomona

A horse was injured after a truck hauling a trailer lost control and crashed on the 60 Freeway in Pomona Sunday morning.

The collision occurred at about 6 a.m. in the westbound lanes of the 60 Freeway near the 71 Freeway. Two lanes were temporarily closed, but reopened in about an hour.

A truck driving a trailer with a horse inside crashed on the 60 Freeway in Pomona on Sunday, March 22, 2015.

The horse inside the trailer suffered minor injuries, but was able to stand and walk. It was placed in another trailer and taken away from the scene.It was unclear what caused the crash.

The Pictures
NOTE:  We are not here to make friends....we are here to save lives and if people get upset because we call them out....good maybe now we will get things done.

  • NOTE: We are not here to make friends....we are here to save lives and
    if people get upset because we call them out....good maybe now we will
    get things done.

    We simply ask...what laws have Rebecca got passed to improve trailer safety? So all of these people who graduated from her course what laws have they enacted to give the power to the police to save lives? ZERO. I got 2 passed and got New Brunswick and Nova Scoia to mandate a yearly inspection....Google Dangerous Trailers Inspection Standard.
    We even got Texas to enforce inspections on trailers over 4,500pounds this year....Did you also know Horse Owners in Kentucky have fought us to even register their possibly stolen trailers? Google.....Dangerous Trailers Main Rips Us Off
    With all these trained people what have they done on the legislative side to save lives? NOTHING.

    Rebecca did not care about this...accident only 4 miles from my home.

    Two horses die when trailer detaches from pickup on Rt. 1 in Hanover

    No one has the monopoly on trailer wrecks but many of us on the TLAER FB page spend a fair amount of time contacting first responders to get details that aren't released to the public because the "public" doesn't really care about those details. That being said, Rebecca Gimenez is the data queen and has done a lot of work to promote trailer safety as well as document the issues that cause wrecks. Being in the rescue industry I understand how frustrating it is when someone is recognized as a leader and your work might go under noticed but rather than make a snarky comment, you might learn how to promote your work and stats and work with those more successful at getting the message out? Just a thought. As for the wreck,how many people go under their rigs to actually see how the floor is, or the metal supports, or the wires? No too many. Half the time hitches fail is seems from Rebeccas stats its operator failure not hitch failure.

    For two decades, Rebecca, Tomas and numerous TLAER professionals have been educating students IN PERSON about safe trailering - they hardly "sit back and do nothing" when it comes to educating others about the dangers of trailering - major efforts in every course dedicated to safe transport standards/practices for large animals. Students range from individual horse owners to municipal first responders to professional haulers, etc. The level of education & information provided to these people in person is top-notch and invaluable, and THOUSANDS of these students have left the course (or learned from the site) how to improve their safety. TLAER's specialty is LARGE ANIMALS - they should not be expected to focus on the interest of other groups represented by other people - nor should they be degraded for their industry leading work.

      12 State have no registrations....8 States have no safety chain law....and we got a law passed for reflector tape in Virginia that the Horse Trailer industry decided to fight because it cost 8 dollars.

      Google...Dangerous Trailers the Story.

    Ron - really?! First of all, if you're going to take on an incredibly educated and professional person like Rebecca, you should probably learn to spell. Secondly, to bash her for apparently "not doing enough" in your opinion is ridiculous - she is TIRELESS in her passion for teaching humans how to keep themselves AND their animals safe, and/or saving them from situations that require a high level of technical expertise. I have known Rebecca for years and have never known her to be anything but open to others' suggestions and ideas, but she has gone way further with you than I would have bothered to - I would have started ignoring you long ago and would certainly not let someone as offensive as you post on MY page. As a retired LEO with 26 years of experience (over 20 of those as a mounted officer and police supervisor), I can tell you that your offensive attitude does anything but open people's eyes/ears/minds to your ideas - I wouldn't listen to anything you have to say for one minute. Last I knew, it was not Rebecca's responsibility to provide anyone with statistics - she doesn't have the time. She is too busy actually GOING OUT THERE and SHOWING people how to improve trailering (and other) safety measures and rescue-techniques.

    No safety standards for all of these defective horse trailers. Rebecca below has never released her data. We have more data...more vidoes on all of these defective horse trailers.....and yet for some reason nobody but us is willing to point the finger at our own Government that advocates defective never inspected horse trailers on our roads

    Dangerous Trailers DOT org.

    Are there photos of the HITCH or from a different angle? Looks like the FLOOR fell out of the trailer? The general public can't tell what happened from these photos - please provide more of them as an update so that we can learn from the situation - hitching problems commonly cause wrecks - but we would like to be able to share with TLAER folks. Thank you!

      Why share them with have never released your findings.

        Actually Ron - I share them with everyone on the FB TLAER group page - if you had manners and didn't try to harpoon people in public - we could work together. Additionally - if someone would provide me a person to do the statistics on all of the data, we could share with the whole world. I do not have the money to pay someone, nor the expertise to do that at this point. We are working on that.
        However, since you prefer to try to crucify others - despite many warnings to be nice - I think you were booted off the page?
        I appreciate all that you are trying to do to improve things for owners and drivers of trailers, but we try to approach it in a positive manner. Thank you for your comments... good luck to you.

    Also facebook Dwayne Ushers law in California.
    We will name names and harpoon any political leader that ignores these facts since 1975 over 19,000 dead and since 1988 over 500,000 injured by passenger cars that tiow defective crappy trailers

    On facebook. Brian's law in Georgia
    On Facebook Johns law in Wisconsin
    On Facebook Shawn and Danielle's Schellingers law in Kansas

    Her group never liked these pages why?

      Because I work with livestock, horses and agriculture - I never said that I do anything with people - working to change these laws for saving people is your job and I am sure you do it well.
      Good luck to you with your efforts to improve things for all people and animals, too.

    Rebecca for 13 years we have been warning and warning and when you careore about horses than children getting destroyed by defective hirse trailers shame on you. I have the right to call out all of you who sit back and do nothing .... Google dangerous trailers defective trailer hitch

      Shame on you, Ron Melancon for your negative, brash and ineffective attitude towards working with others that donate their time, knowledge and expertise to trying to improve things for any living thing as well as humans. You do not know me, and you do not know many of the other people that you slam on. Your tactics are unprofessional and will not engender the change that you affect to care about - they only drive people away from you since you insist on being loud, rude, and unprofessional. Good luck to you in your efforts to improve all trailer standards, policies and regulations - you will find that being helpful and kind is a far better way to effect that effort. I can only do a little - but I am trying to help - and your slanderous, libelous comments are not appreciated by anyone.

    Rebecca On my web site...i have a video...showing a defective tire and rim....coming off and then the whole trailer coming off and crossing 4 lanes of traffic....and you are worried about horses? We have over 340 human lives getting destroyed last year by these defective trailers and it seems you don't care about human lives but if a horse is involved you are all over it. Google.....Hitch Hazzard Melancon and wake up people.

      Thank you for working so hard to help gather the data to save human lives. Although I care about humans too - I don't have the time to work tirelessly with the various government organizations as you do for change of all regulations and standards and policies for trailers. However - I do try to assist with the (relatively) small number of horse related wreck in comparison to all of the other types.
      Good luck to you Ron Melancon - and I think that you will find that you get better results from being nice to people and helping them to help you, than bashing people and organizations and government entities (publicly or privately) to engender change.

    I beg to differ when last year a police officer and his wife lost their lives in Kansas by a loose trailer . I beg to differ when a mom lost her life in Georgia in September and I beg to differ when a horse trailer just 4 miles from my home in Richmond came loose and killed Two Horses and you did not care ..... Google horses killed Hanover Virginia. So who is imcimpetant? Did you help solve a death, I did Google dangerous trailers homemade problems.

      Wow, this is quite the discussion. How does one go about getting the laws changed so that the ignorant actually quit trying to build their own homemade trailer hitches or replace worn out equipment? As a technical rescuer I see this as a means to keep responders safe. I know Rebecca has been doing the case studies and has broad as it through Facebook. It does take a concerted effort from all sides. Getting people to actual act on it, even if laws are passed is another story. The same reason that states like Arkansas and Texas (just to name a couple) have a very high percentage of uninsured and unlicensed drivers on the road. How do you legislate that to keep the public protected when the laws are ignored as it is?

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