Henrico County Founding Fathers Exhibit

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Re-Grand opening of the Henrico County Library on Staples Mill Road.

Brookland County Supervisor Dick Glover first opened this library in 1995 but was quickly utilized and he found the need to expand.

Dick Glover along with the County Of Henrico was able to fund this beautiful new expansion of our Library with the 2004 Bond referendum.  To be honest I was not aware of his vision to include the most complete "Founding Fathers" exhibit with published material in the United States.

I was so taken back with the beauty of the Founding Fathers painting and the publication of the Constitution of the United States in a simple booklet I had to get one and I decided to ask for the PDF.

Click Here To See A Corrected Publication and Keep A Copy!!! Thank you Mr. S!

Click Here To See An Amazing Publication And Keep A Copy

Below are some grand opening pictures...


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