Dear Governor Rick Scott Answer The Question That Henrico Does Not Want To Be Asked Or Answered:
Should A Person On Vacation Loose Their Life By A Flying Unsecured Ladder On An Interstate Highway Going To Spend Money In Your State?
Yes Or No?

Why Does Our Law Enforcement Does Not Ticket Or Enforce Loose Loads Especially In Henrico On Trash Alley?

My Family Has Sacificed Not Going On Vacation To Support Our Web Site To Finially Ask You This Question.

Why Visit Your State When You Can't Ensure Flying Trash On The Interstate?  We Warned And Warned Your State And All The Others Yet For Some Reason You Enforce Seat Belts Use But Not Unsecured Loads?

Governor Rick Scott Where Is The Disconnect?  Why Are Our Troopers Not Enforcing Loose Loads?  I Never See These Careless People Pulled Over....but I see people getting Pulled Over For Non Seat Belt Use.

Why Governor Does The Media Not Expose The Truth?

Credit News 4 The Best News Station That Covered This Accident!

Ladder likely cause of fatal crash on I-95

All northbound lanes reopened eight hours after crash

Published On: Feb 26 2015 12:45:08 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 26 2015 09:29:24 PM EST


Northbound traffic on Interstate 95 was at a near standstill for eight hours after a crash Thursday afternoon near the St. Johns County/Duval County line that caused a fatality and injured another person.

The Florida Highway Patrol said a pickup truck pulling a camper flipped, pinning a man in the truck just before the rest area in northern St. Johns County. Trauma One was called to airlift the victim, but he died before he could be transported.

His wife was taken to Baptist South in stable condition. The couple's dog, who was also in the cab of the pickup, was not hurt.

The couple's names and other details were expected to be released later, but they were believed to be from New York.

“(In) each one of these cars, there’s a family," said Casey Leidon, supervisor of the rest area just beyond the crash.  "If there’s any kind of a flat tire or somebody swerves a little bit, everybody is so compact and there’s no room for error."

News4Jax was told that a unsecured ladder that came off a vehicle in front of the pickup likely caused the crash.

"Securing your load is very important, especially on our highways," said FHP Sgt. Dylan Byran. "Even more so on the interstates because you have increased speeds and increased winds are involved."

All northbound traffic was detoured onto County Road 210 after the crash that occurred before 1 p.m. Troopers reopened one northbound lane just before 3 p.m. The accident wasn't cleared and all northbound lanes reopened until about 8:30 p.m.

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