Dad changing tire on I-95, dies in front of 2 children.....

Did Trailer Sway Start the Chain Of Events? //

We know to have prevented this father from loosing his life and our Governor, U Haul, All Insurance Companies, Delegate Pollard, Delegate Cox, Delegate John O'Bannon, Governor Kaine and even WTVR has called us nuts and nobody cares......WE DO!...YEA....We may be NUTS about trying to save lives....what is wrong with that?

In the end our Government will all talk a good game...but nothing will get done and no lawyers will sue because he has no money.  If this was a UPS truck that did this....every lawyer would be trying to sue.....but it is all about the money and not about safety.

Dad changing tire on I-95, dies in front of 2 children

Posted on: 11:22 pm, June 17, 2012, by , updated on: 12:34am, June 18, 2012

Richmond, Va. (WTVR)—This Father’s Day, two children are grief stricken by the memory of their father, who died right in front of their eyes Saturday while he was changing a tire on the car.

Police said Steven Ridley, age 35, was stopped on the right shoulder changing a flat tire on a 2010 Chrysler 300M, when Robert M. Krill, of Pennsylvania, ran off the right side of the roadway in his U-Haul and struck Ridley and his vehicle.

Ridley died at the scene. Police said his vehicle’s hazard lights were activated.

Police said that Ridley’s 14 year-old son was outside the vehicle assisting his father when the crash occurred. He was not injured.

Ridley’s nine-year-old daughter, who was seated inside the vehicle in the front passenger seat, suffered minor injuries and was transported to VCU Medical Center.

Ridley’s mother and his two children are being comforted tonight by family and friends who have been gathering at Ridley’s home here in Richmond.

One neighbor described Ridley as kind-hearted, and understands personally what his mother is going through.

“I will miss my good neighbor,” Ruth Harrell said, stunned to hear that Ridley had been killed. “I haven’t felt the same since.”

Harrell said she looked outside Saturday, just in time to see Ridley and his two children get in his car and drive away. Then, a few hours later; “I was rolling the glass up in my car and his mother walked up to me and told me he had gotten in a car accident.”
Harrell says at that moment she knew exactly how Ridley’s mom must be feeling, since she lost her daughter in an accident in 1986.

“I told her I was sorry, I told her I had been through it, it’s going to, she’s going to have some hard days and some good days, but it’s going to get better.”

Ridley, a Navy veteran worked at Sprint and went to school at J. Sergeant Reynolds. He hoped to become a Marine engineer.

Family members say that they’ve been comforted by the kind words being left on Steven’s Facebook page

“He was kind of to himself, he never was with a crowd, you never see a lot of people, guys going in and out and he lived quite a while, by his self.”

Family members said that at this time, funeral arrangements are not complete.

Investigators said that Krill, who was wearing his safety belt, suffered serious non-life threatening injuries and was transported by ambulance to VCU Medical Center.

Krill has been charged with reckless driving, and could face other charges.

Family grieves after fatal I-95 accident

Posted: Jun 18, 2012 5:48 PM EDT Updated: Jun 18, 2012 6:39 PM EDT


"His kids were his life". Those words today from a grieving mother after a family outing gone horribly wrong.

Over the weekend, 35-year-old Steven Ridley died in an accident while fixing a tire along Interstate 95.

His mother talked about her son's love of life, his family, and his legacy.

Eunice Ridley said they're doing their best. Her son and his two children were on their way to race go-carts in Petersburg when the accident happened.

Mrs. Ridley remembers her son as someone who would do anything for his family.

"As a mother, he was my perfect son," said Eunice Ridley.

He was her only son. Saturday afternoon, Steven Ridley was changing a flat tire on the shoulder of I-95 in Chesterfield County. The driver of a U-Haul truck towing a trailer ran off the road, hit and killed Ridley instantly. His 14-year-old son was standing there and saw everything.

"Oh his son, he's really having a difficult time," said his cousin, Joanne Harrison.

Ridley's nine-year-old daughter was in the car. The children were not hurt, but they are having a tough time coping with the loss of their dad.

"They're not doing okay," Mrs. Ridley noted. "They saw the whole thing so they're re-living that."

They're receiving loving support from relatives. Ridley said her son adored his two kids, and his friends loved him dearly. His old high school friend paid his respects Monday.

"He said he was the best friend any person could ask for," Eunice Ridley added.

She said Steven was also a hard worker at Sprint, served in England and Japan in the navy, and was earning his Marine engineering degree at J Sargeant Reynolds.

"As a mother, I couldn't ask for a better son," Eunice Ridley said. "I'm just so very proud of him."

Despite Saturday's tragedy, Ridley's fond memories of her only son will help her get through this tough time.

Ridley's mom said his children are with family and they will be getting special attention to help them cope with the loss of their father.

The family plans to have his funeral Friday. The driver of the U-Haul, Robert Krill, of Pennsylvania has been charged with reckless driving.

State Police are still investigating the accident. It could be at least another month until we know further details.

Family Remembers Son Killed In I-95 Wreck

Posted: Jun 19, 2012 5:43 AM EDT Updated: Jun 19, 2012 5:43 AM EDT

CHESTERFIELD, VA—The family of the Richmond man killed in Saturday's fatal wreck on I-95 is speaking out, remembering their son.

 "As a mother, I couldn't ask for a better son," said the victim's mother, Eunice Ridley.  "He was my only son, and he was taken away way too soon."

Steven Ridley, 35, of Richmond, was killed Saturday when he was struck by a U-Haul.

Police said Ridley was on the side of the road attempting to change a flat tire, when the driver of a U-Haul traveling on I-95 lost control of the vehicle and struck Ridley and his car.

The man's family said he and his two children were on their way to celebrate Father's Day, when the accident occurred.

"That was his life; his children were his life," said Ridley's mother.

Ridley's nine-year-old daughter was inside the Chrysler 300 when the vehicle was struck. She suffered minor injuries and was treated at VCU Medical Center, according to authorities.

Ridley's 14-year-old son was helping change the tire at the time of the accident, but was not injured, police said.

"I know he's in a good place, but my heart really goes out to his kids. Plus, he was an excellent father," said Joanne Harrsion, Steven Ridley's cousin,

The driver of the U-Haul, Robert M. Krill, 62, of North Hampton, Pennsylvania, suffered serious, non-life threatening injuries during the wreck and was treated at VCU Medial Center, according to police.

Krill has been charged with reckless driving and could face additional charges, according to authorities.

All lanes of I-95 south were closed at Willis Rd. following the accident. The closures last more than four hours as crews worked to clear the scene. 

The Virginia State Police Accident Reconstruction Team is assisting with the on-going investigation.

The Virginia State Police continue to investigate and are consulting with the Chesterfield County Commonwealth's Attorney Offic

    LOOK AT THE U HAUL PICTURE 10 AND 11 and note the pick up and trailer are in the same position as the NEWEST ACCIDENT...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and see more of our comments...below...

    UPDATE: Richmond man dies after being struck by truck while changing flat tire on I-95

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    A 35-year-old Richmond man changing a flat tire with his son assisting and his daughter in the car was killed Saturday when he was hit by a U-Haul truck that ran off the side of Interstate 95 in Chesterfield County, Virginia State Police said.

    Steven Ridley’s 14-year-old son was not injured, state police said. His 9-year-old daughter, who was inside the Chrysler sedan that was hit by the truck, was taken to VCU Medical Center with minor injuries.

    The 62-year-old driver of the rental truck, Robert M. Krill of North Hampton, Pa., was taken to the hospital with serious, non-life-threatening injuries, police said. Krill was charged with reckless driving, said Sgt. Thomas J. Molnar, a state police spokesman.

    Ridley had stopped on the right shoulder of southbound I-95, south of Willis Road, and had turned on his hazard lights. The crash occurred at 3:15 p.m. Ridley died at the scene, Molnar said.

    The crash closed the southbound lanes of the interstate until about 9:30 p.m.

    Right now U Haul is working with the State Police to hide any defects or anything else that might have caused the u haul to smash into a local resident......questions need to be asked...
    Did the truck have a mechanical issue?
    Did the truck help cause the accident?
    When was the truck last inspected?
    Who inspected the truck?
    Who maintained the truck?
    Why is anybody allowed to drive a truck this size and no training is mandated?
    This accident was totally preventable the day before fathers day but our public safety officials have turned a blind eye to this growing public safety issue...including massive R.V.'S that are bigger than a greyhound bus and grandma and grandpa driving it on a REGULAR license.

    Wake and see the u Haul...U Haul does not care about public safety because they will rent this massive truck to anybody with no clue how to drive one! Your Public Safety Officials have been lobbied to look the other way..


    The driver of a U-Haul has been charged in a deadly crash that happened around 3:15 p.m. Saturday on I-95 south at Willis Road.

    62-year-old Robert M. Krill, of North Hampton, Pennsylvania, is charged with reckless driving.

    Sgt. Thomas Molnar with the Virginia State Police tells NBC12 the crash occurred when a motorist was stopped on the right shoulder and was attempting to change a flat tire.

    According to police, Krill ran off the right side of the roadway and struck the motorist and his vehicle.

    35-year-old Steven Ridley died at the scene. Officers tell us Ridley's 14-year-old son was assisting his father at the time of the crash, but wasn't injured. Ridley's 9-year-old daughter was sitting in the front passenger seat and suffered minor injuries. She was taken to VCU Medical Center.

    Krill was also taken to VCU Medical Center with serious, but non-life threatening injuries. Krill was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, according to State Police.

    The Virginia State Police Accident Reconstruction team is assisting officers with the ongoing investigation. State Police continue to investigate and are consulting with the Chesterfield County Commonwealth's Attorney Office. Chesterfield County Police assisted with traffic control for much of the afternoon and early evening.

    We will continue to keep you posted on any further developments.

    WE met with had a meeting and warned the State Of Virginia....about these accidents.... Here is the letter....... YOUR GOVERNOR HAS CHOSEN TO IGNORE. Great - set for Friday, Sept 16th, at 11 a.m. as below. Please enter the DMV building and the security guard will direct you to the Executive Conference room for the meeting. Please let me know if I can provide anything further. Best regards, Georgia Office of the Secretary of Transportation Patrick Henry Building 1111 East Broad Street Richmond, VA 23219 (804) 786-8032 Fax (804) 786-6683


    We know...under Governor Bob McDonnell Watch...his office Knows that people who tow trailers are destroying families and we questioned his decision to allow people who tow to go even FASTER....did you now that in California....(California law requires all vehicles towing drive no more than 55 mph, regardless of a higher posted speed.....Why is that? Because with our information from Dangerous they have been able to fight against the U Haul Lobby to allow people to DRIVE EVEN FASTER WHO HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO TOW!

    pray for the family...and we pray for the Incompetent Public safety officials that allows anybody to tow a trailer with no idea to be FIRED and hire people who will help prevent the next RANDOM VICTIM OF NEGLIGENCE.  //

    We were featured in this LA Times...paper...and U Haul has prevented our life saving mission...http://www.dangeroustrailers. ​org/uploads/latimesfourfrontp​age.pdf

    yet another...and our Governor does nothing. // ​v=OzHd-VzXU1k

    Note: U Haul,, Carry On trailers and the Utility Trailer Industry has paid over $150,000 In lobby money including spending over $10,000 in Virginia to overturn the "Reflector Tape Law" Please Go Here To View they fought the law because it cost them $8.00 to comply.

    Yale student who drove U-Haul in fatal crash was sober Published: Sunday, November 20, 2011 HARTFORD, Conn. — A rented U-Haul that struck and killed a Massachusetts tailgater at a Yale-Harvard football game malfunctioned as a Yale undergraduate drove the vehicle into a crowded parking lot, the student's attorney said Sunday. William Dow, representing Yale student Brendan Ross, said Saturday's collision was a "tragic accident that appears to be the result of a vehicle malfunction." He did not elaborate and said Ross would not be speaking publicly about what happened



    Call This Attorney..........

    We helped the producer of Inside edition...//

    See these videos...for evidence..
    Governor Bob McDonnell Does not care....because he raised the speed limit to 70 MPH and not reduce it for people who have no idea how to tow....and drive slower.

    U Haul is going to hide the evidence and make the Virginia State Police Ignore the facts....Fact one...U Haul had no idea how to drive a U Haul that big. Fact Two ..he was towing a Utility Trailer that NEVER BEEN INSPECTED OR HAS a building code. Fact Three....The U Haul Company let him tow a trailer that was not approved by them. Fact Four....TRAILER SWAY CAUSED HIM TO LOOSE CONTROL
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