Complete Idiots!  Why do you ask?  We have been warning about this exact problem for over 15 years and we keep asking how many more have to suffer before our public safety officials get serious?  They have no problem attacking the REDSKINS name that does not INJURE OR KILL BUT they ignore the deaths of over 19,500 since 1975 and over 1,000,000 injured since 1988. 
Take a good look at this picture!!!!!  If your own child baby seat look like this would you use it?  If I came to your home in a car looking like this along with my family and invited you out and wanted to use my own vehicle looking like this would you enter my vehicle.  They why in the world did they go on a total piece of crap trailer like this? 

Where are the safety chains?
  Where are the safety rails?
Where is the breakaway cable?
Total Crap no other way to say it!

Just like the Balloon Industry that took the lives of 3 in Richmond....These trailers have no NATIONAL SAFETY STANDARDS and the Industry has
so much power they influence my own local police to harass us. Why?

Flowers and other graveside decorations were knocked down at Davenport Memorial Park when a flatbed trailer became unhitched from a pickup truck Saturday, sending 10 people on a wild ride down a cemetery hill. Some of the riders jumped off and others stayed aboard until the trailer was stopped by colliding with a tree. Several ambulances, as well as police and firefighters responded, and several passengers who had been placing flags on graves for the Memorial Day weekend, suffered minor injuries.

13 hours ago  • 

Several children and adults suffered minor injuries while getting a major scare in a mishap Saturday at a Davenport cemetery.

Members of Military Explorers Post 9044 were placing American flags at Davenport Memorial Park for the Memorial Day weekend when the flatbed trailer on which they were riding broke loose from the truck that was pulling it. The trailer careened several hundred feet downhill before striking a tree and coming to a stop.

The trailer came loose from the truck as it took a curve, said Hank Runge, the cemetery's general manager, calling it a "fluke" and "unfortunate."

Some of the 10 children and adults on board jumped from the trailer as it sped downhill while others remained with the flatbed until it hit the tree, preventing it from entering a roadway. The cemetery was much busier than usual because of the holiday weekend, and vehicles were both traveling and parking on the roadway.

"A few of them jumped off, and a few of them rode it down," said Davenport police Sgt. Eric Court, who responded to the scene along with the Davenport Fire Department and several ambulances. "All is well; thank goodness."

The Explorers have assisted setting out flags for several years and their work is appreciated, Runge said.

"We hope this doesn't deter them from doing this in the future," Runge said.

The truck and trailer are owned by Davenport Memorial Park, Maj. Scott Harper of Post 9044 said.

Harper said he jumped off the trailer and injured his arm when he used it to protect his head in the fall.

"We had unloaded flags and we were heading for the maintenance shed to get more flags," he said. "We're very thankful nobody got seriously hurt. They just barely missed hitting trees."

The vehicle plowed over several graveside vases and took out some flowers and at least one flag.

Explorer Sam Vroman, 15, said he did not jump.

"I rode the whole way down," he said. "We all slid forward a couple of feet when we hit the tree at the bottom. We could have hit cars if we'd kept going."

Retired Explorers Command Sgt. Major Paul Herrera was riding in the pickup.

"If this were a combat zone, you'd be qualified for a Purple Heart," he told a 13-year-old boy after the teen was treated by paramedics at the scene for scrapes and bruises. "You do qualify for an ice cream cone."

Adult Gayle Green also stayed on the trailer.

"I was screaming all the way down, watching trees flash past me," she said. "It was like a spring sled ride. Since we're all OK, I can say that."

The relief was apparent in both the children and adults, and Harper remarked, "It's already been a Memorial weekend to remember."

  1. CSM H
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    CSM H - 10 hours ago
    Ron is exactly correct. The responsibility for the accident goes to the senior person who supervised the attaching of the trailer. My understanding is that it was the vehicle operator who is an employee of the cemetary. The fact is that the safety chains were available but NOT used. The cemetary was very busy today. That heavy trailer put everyone on board and anyone who would have been in its path in danger. Davenport Memorial Park was extremely fortunate today and they should thank their lucky stars that no one was severely injured or crippled by what could have happened. There were many elderly people who could have suffered life threatening injuries.
  2. Ron Melancon
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    Ron Melancon - 12 hours ago
    Take a good look at what almost happened....the owner and operator failed to ensure public safety just like HENRICO COUNTY VIRGINIA....WHEN THEY TOW TRAILERS THAT ARE A PUBLIC SAFETY HAZARD. That trailer is a double axle trailer and it is in violation of FEDERAL LAW. It need to have a breakaway cable...and nobody cares....we do
    see this.

    and another incompetent trailer operator...
  3. Ron Melancon
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    Ron Melancon - 12 hours ago
    It is not a fluke it is sheet incompetance we are using defective towing equipment No safety chains were used and I simply ask. Go to and ask would you secure your own baby into a baby seat the way the trailer was connected?

Even Henrico County does not care about the safety of these trailers see our evidence....yet they continue to ignore.

See These obvious Violations and Henrico County does not enforce...but they keep telling me they are but NEVER PRODUCE ANY INFORMATION.

And Yes Dragging Safety Chains cause WILDFIRES...AND HENRICO COUNTY DOES NOT CARE.

especially with those heavy horses."


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