Yes...In Virginia, Kentucky and in Most STATES A Cheap Business Owner can bypass any SAFETY STANDARDS FOR TRAILERS BY GETTING A "FARM TAG" OR "“agricultural” license plate because farm trucks are already exempted from the federal rules."

Nobody believe us....not even Ray LaHood Of NHTSA, Donald Karol of NTSB or even my own Law Makers...but now it is PUBLISHED!!!

See what the Lawmakers in Kentucky were trying to do!! 

Then see this quote for a Cheap business owner.....EVERY TRAILER NEEDS TO BE SAFE WHEN USED ON PUBLIC ROADS.

Compromise truck bill passes Kentucky Senate panel

Mar 6, 2013   |  

FRANKFORT, KY. — A bill that was originally intended to exempt many commercial vehicles from federal safety rules passed a Senate Committee on Wednesday only after it was amended to allow police to conduct random safety inspections.

The bill had appeared to be headed toward passage until Louisville Metro Police officials raised concerns the bill would make the state's roads less safe.

Senate Transportation Committee hearing, Chairman Ernie Harris, ordered both sides to work out a compromise on Wednesday after hearing testimony that the bill would risk leaving unsafe trucks on the roads.

Harris said the committee recognized that there are problems with enforcement — and the potential for police harassment — but wanted to ensure that trucks that haven’t been inspected don't pose hazards on the state's roads.

"We will entertain committee amendments that keep us safe," he said in asking those both for and against House Bill 125 for revisions.

Ultimately, the two sides agreed upon language that would exempt commercial trucks weighing between 10,001 and 26,000 pounds from “the paperwork requirements” of federal trucking regulations, said state Rep. Brent Yonts, who sponsored the legislation.

That means that people driving such trucks in Kentucky and who are not crossing state lines will not have to keep daily driving logs or a medical card proving they are healthy enough to drive a truck.

Mary Ellen Wiederwohl, a deputy chief of staff for Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, said the amendment would allow police officers to conduct random vehicle inspections to make sure they are safe and would keep in place a provision that assumes a commercial truck driver to be drunk with a blood alcohol content of 0.04 — half the blood alcohol of most drivers.

She said the city supports the amendment.

The bill originally would have exempted the trucks from federal safety regulations that allow for random safety inspections and require strict rules on securing loads, automatic brakes to stop runaway trailers and for drivers to have medical cards and to keep driving logs.

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Louisville Metro Police objected to the bill, saying that since 2005, the department was able to reduce the number of accidents and deaths involving commercial trucks by cracking down on the commercial vehicles in that weight class.

Those vehicles can range from a pickup with a large trailer to a 24-foot box truck.

Lt. Joe Seelye, commander of the department's traffic unit, told the committee that while the bill as originally presented would have allowed police to cite trucks for safety violations, it wouldn't have allowed them to stop the trucks to look for problems.

He said police officers can't tell if brakes work properly or if loads are secure simply by driving past a moving truck.

Lt. Doug Sweeney, of Louisville police, said that he understood that laws could be a burden and sometimes costly to small businesses but that it was not justification to exempt them from the law.

“I don't just pull over Maseratis because they can afford citations. I pull over Pintos and Hondas too,” he said. “These laws are designed to keep people alive.”

Robert Fleenor, who owns a plumbing company in Bowling Green, however, testified in favor of the bill, saying that he had been pulled over simply because he was driving a large pickup with a trailer and was told he needed to get a federal commercial truck identification number.

Instead, Fleenor said he just applied for an “agricultural” license plate because farm trucks are already exempted from the federal rules.

“I just think the rules need to be equal for everyone,” he said.
Yes....Toyota cant do this...Ford can't do this...but a cheap and disrespectful owner can bypass any safety SAFETY CHAINS, BREAKAWAY CABLE, ST Rated Tires, Wrong Size ball, Wrong Size Hitch, Homemade Hitch, defective trailer and NOBODY CARES....YET OUR WACKY GOVERNMENT IS CONCERNED WITH SUGAR CONTENT IN SODA? face book....see what a defective boat trailer did to NATALIE..
    Ron Melancon · Top Commenter · Tri-Valley High School
    The Entire Farming Community needs to be sued when their defective bypasing crappy trailers destroy lives.

    • Ron Melancon · Top Commenter · Tri-Valley High School
      I would not trust Mr. Fleenor to do any work in any home when his trailer is so defective!!!
      Fleenor Plumbing & Heating Co
      Contact Person: Robert Fleenor
      Title: Owner
      Address: 225 1/2 Cherry Way
      Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101-2813
      Office Phone: (270) 843-6472
      Office Fax: -
      Office Email: -
      Web Address: -
      Estimated Staff: 2
      Industrial Classification(SIC): 171105 - Plumbing Contractors
      Occupation: Plumber
      • Ron Melancon · Top Commenter · Tri-Valley High School
        Right to the point...apples to PA...
        Here are the facts from PA!!!! OUT OF 51,213 TRAILERS OVER 10,000 GVWR HERE IS THE RESULTS
        FRAME VIOLATIONS 1,207
        Lighting violations 18,523
        Brakes Violations 14,119
        Decking Violations 3,201
        Chains Violations 23,888
        Other Violations 7,202
        Tires Violations 6,716
        Breakaway Breaks Violations 5,742
        Suspension Violations 2,013
        then all all the trailers under 10,000 that are homemade and never get pulled over and you see the problem don't you!!!!! and our lawmakers wants to relax current standards? They are not strong enough now!!!
        • Ron Melancon · Top Commenter · Tri-Valley High School
          I sent this reporter tons and tones...and sent the police last week of all the defective trailers already on the road and sent each State Senator this....letter...Again...when a family from Kentucky is destroyed I will be pointing fingers at you.....and how you voted. Farm Tag abuse...Farm Animals Abuse...and nobody cares? What is the world coming to....?

          I told them we would tell the world how they voted and we think common sense prevailed...but we think people should not be allowed to use the Farm Tags to avoid safety on the roads just because they are cheap.
          • Ron Melancon · Top Commenter · Tri-Valley High School
            wake up...go to and know that over 90% of all utility trailers under 10,000 have a violation rate of 90%..


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