Stunning The Bay Bridge Accident
Stunning Report involving a State Farm Customer towing a "Homemade Trailer" as a result of his complete failure and the Insurance Industry addressing 3 lives were lost.
State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company Policy Number 002778122.

Note: Since this report has been made "NO ADDITIONAL underwriting or action has been taken by STATE FARM Insurance Company.   Every Insurance Company does not address "Passenger Cars That Tow Trailers"

State Farm Insured was also involved in Richmond, Virginia when another State Farm Insured lost his Home Made Trailer On Hull Street and the life of Elaine Decker was lost...Click Here To View Report
Do we see a pattern here?
Elaine Decker Click Here

    Please Note: It took our organization almost 2 years to obtain this information after many delays and miss-direction of the Maryland Transportation Authority.
    Stunning Pictures Gallery's below....Every picture from every source.



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