Accidents In Alabama
Note:  I have researched and have found over 1,000 accidents involving Utility Trailers as reported by newspapers In this state.  I will feature 100 as finances allow to purchase the articles.

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     15.  Mobile Register (AL) - July 14, 1997

Passers-by save driver thrown from wreck Freak accident pitches unconscious man into ditch filled with water   
     Two men pulled a motorist to safety Sunday afternoon after he was catapulted face-down into a water-filled ditch when his van collided with a runaway utility trailer on Dauphin Island Parkway.A third rescuer helped give the driver CPR, and he was breathing when taken away by paramedics, the rescuers said.Police said the driver and a female passenger were in critical condition Sunday afternoon at the University of South Alabama Medical Center.Police withheld their identities,...

     16.  Mobile Register (AL) - August 30, 2000

Findings inconclusive in fatal Baldwin accident   
     Findings inconclusive in fatal Baldwin accident By LORI MOORE Staff Reporter MONTROSE - After more than a month of tests and studies, investigators said they cannot identify the exact cause of a July 12 accident involving a runaway trailer on U.S. 98 that killed one man and critically injured another.Police have found no conclusive reason why an equipment trailer and the tractor it carried broke loose from a truck, crossed the median and struck two cars.No charges have been filed...

     17.  Mobile Register (AL) - September 10, 2000

No answers so far in Montrose wreck   
     No answers so far in Montrose wreck By LORI MOORE Staff Reporter MONTROSE - A trailer carrying a tractor somehow came loose from the truck that was hauling it and careened into oncoming traffic.That's the only thing that authorities can say conclusively about the July 12 wreck that killed 45-year-old Richard Constantini and critically injured Dr. James Seay, 71, both of Fairhope.No charges have been filed by police in connection with the mishap, but the accident report...

     18.  Mobile Register (AL) - May 20, 2004  NOTE:  Why did the trailer come loose?

     Applause "Thank you, thank you to the four young men and the couple on a motorcycle who rushed to our rescue Sunday afternoon coming down 98 from Fairhope. Our boat came loose from the trailer and landed on the highway. These gentlemen had it back on the trailer and secured in short order. Thank you, thank you."Call Applause any time at 219-5495. For use outside the local calling area, please call 1-800-753-6610....








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