Alabama State Trailer Laws

Note:  This Information obtained through a number of different sources such as Boat Trailer clubs, DMV's and Sources Through Web Searches is the best we can gather.  If any information is not accurate please send corrected information by submitting through our contact form here.  Click Here To Submit

    This State Does Not indicate if a Trailer ONE (1) POUND UNDER 3,000 GWR has to meet any standard.  Which means that contruction quality can be anything.  We are still working on getting an answer.  Notice the term reflectors indicates the Manufacture can use the 4 Inch Reflector lens combination to save money.  This lens is not highly reflective or does the job like the DOT Type C-2 Tape.  Manufactures which includes Carry On Trailers and U Haul have resisted this additonal feature in order to save money and profit.  Go Here To View this additional Safety Feature.
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    We do not yet have an indication who is responsible to ensure that the Breakaway Battery System is inspected on an annual bases

     Boating Law Administrator 334-242-3673
      Maximum Speed Limit  55
      Maximum Dimensions for trailer:  40'L x 8'W x 13'6"H
      Maximum Length with Trailer  60'
      Minimum Weight requiring Separate Trailer Brakes  3000
      Trailer Equipment Requirements  
    Safety Chains
      Brakelights YES
      Taillights YES
      Clearance Lights YES
     Reflector Tape Like Virginia's Law
      License Light NO
    Turn Signals
      Reflectors Yes
      Breakaway Brakes Yes
      Tiedowns Yes
      Two Trailers NO
    Wide Trailer Permit Phone Number

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